April 26, 2017

Thoughts and Discussions About Education in Society

My thoughts surrounding education. Not just homeschool, but also educational topics as they would relate to public schools, charter schools, and private schools. Discussions about what it means to be "educated" in our society today. May also cover topics across age demographics for grade school, high school and education at the university and collegiate level.

Contrary To Beliefs Homeschoolers Not STUCK at Home

Society got another insight into the reality of homeschooling in America. Homeschoolers are not exclusively stuck at home and unsocialized. Sure there are some families that are like that and fit the stereotype that’s out there, but last time I checked there were quite a few public school students that spend their life at school and at home, but aren’t really integrating well socially either. Sage Kotsenburg showed the world this week though that homeschoolers can do some pretty great things! Here’s a really great infographic that illustrates some of the great time that homeschoolers can get exposed to without the restrictions of having to go “to school” every day!


Source: BestMastersinEducation.com

How American Homeschoolers Measure Up

I just had this infographic shared with me about how homeschoolers in America measure up. It also includes a little bit about the history and timeline for when all of this homeschool stuff started. Some really good information and insight here. Be sure to share with others that might be curious about this whole “homeschooling thing”.

Homeschooled: How American Homeschoolers Measure Up
Source: TopMastersInEducation.com

Foreign Language Class Options

Foreign Language

We’re talking more about adding a foreign language class to our homeschool curriculum for our son and daughter. My wife and I are leaning towards Spanish, but my daughter is being like I was and wants to do something different because everyone learns Spanish. There’s a general reason for that nowadays, but I get her point. My son isn’t really interested at all in learning a foreign language. That pushes me to find something that will be as engaging as possible and keep his interest. I’d love to just go live in a foreign country for 6 months or so and force us all to learn it together and have fun! Wouldn’t that be the best!?

I know there’s Rosetta Stone¬†(Visit RosettaStone.com) as an option, but very pricey for what I’ve seen. Does anyone have experience with them that are reading this? Let me know what you think? We have a few friends in our circles that either already teach Spanish and would be interested and willing to add our kids as students one day/night a week. One friend has offered to teach them Spanish, but also lived in Japan as a missionary for a number of years, so adding some Japanese to the mix would be very interesting.

Doing a little bit of searching in the homeschool blogs I’ve found some other options, but nothing really sticks out. We’ve worked on some Latin language training, but the curriculum we were using didn’t really click with the kids I don’t think. The audio segments were almost agonizingly painful to listen to, so I didn’t really blame them.

I found a company called inlingua (Visit inlingua-if.com) that looked to be interesting for language training. They have General Purpose Programs that would work I believe, but from everything I can read about them though, it’s all on-site, location based training in Florida. I also couldn’t get an idea about what the classes would actually cost by looking at their website. I might look for something similar here in the Indianapolis area if it exists.

I’m thinking I may just do a combination of things like we’ve done with our other curriculum. I took Spanish and French in high school and more Spanish in college. I’m sure I can get plenty of support and resources from my friends. Would love to know what your experiences have been and any insights you can provide. Let me know in the comments.