January 27, 2020

Custom Planning Page Sheets Anyone

Last night as I was watching my Twitter stream I noticed a request from @SamsNoggin on creating a custom planning page sheet.

SamsNoggin Tweet

I responded and she sent me a link to a document that was kind of what she was looking for in the end. I knew this was something I could probably put together fairly quickly for her so a number of tweets and adjustments later we came up with this:

Custom Planning Pages

I worked on creating a spreadsheet in Excel that had all the lines and groupings setup for her the way she’d like. I hard-coded the subject areas into the sidebar. Perhaps the biggest challenge was that I used the auto-page-number function in the header to create the “Day #” on the top-left. That became a bit of a challenge in forcing Excel to print off 180 pages of basically the exact same page. I solved it by duplicating the layout across a number of worksheets and then forcing the printing of all the worksheets off into a PDF directly.

So, if you like this little document for yourself, feel free to download it and use it as you wish. If you’d like me to change the subject lines or leave them blank completely, just let me know and I’ll adjust a version for your use.

Download: Custom Planning Pages for 180 Days (PDF 205kb)


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  1. Thank you SO MUCH!! These just rock, now my husband wants to try his hand at a two-page. You may need to open a store. 😉

  2. You’re welcome. These are the kinds of little tasks I hoped to be able to help people with when I decided to setup the Homeschool Daddy site. Your request last night was a nice, little creative diversion for me to clear my head on some other projects I’m working on. Let me know if you ever need something else and let your friends know to let me know as well!

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