January 27, 2020

Something New… CHECK IT OUT!

I’ve decided I need to add a new category of posts to my site. You see, I’m regularly seeing interesting stuff as I’m involved in homeschool and going to more and more conventions. I’m regularly seeing vendors and other organizations that are doing some really cool stuff and I want to help feature them on my site.

The problem is I don’t have the time to get around and writing a full-featured post about everything cool that I see. So, instead of not ever getting around to it, or it coming months after I see it, I’m going to post and share things in short bites.

This may be websites, vendors, homeschool resources, individuals or other stuff.

So, stay tuned for a new category of posts that I’ve labeled “Check It Out”. I’ll also have a page that will feature each of these posts out on their own outside of the standard blog grouping.


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My wife and I have been homeschooling our two children since 2010. I setup this site to help organize some thoughts and ideas that I've had on homeschooling, education and parenting in general. Hopefully you'll find something that piques your interest and I encourage you to share a little bit of your own opinions in the comments on my posts. If you have questions related to the web and technology and how they may help your homeschooling efforts, just let me know. You can find out more about me on my Google+ Profile Page

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