January 27, 2020

Great Math Resource in CalculatorSoup.com Website

I came across a website this evening that has proven to be a very helpful resource as a dad responsible for teaching and supporting my two kids with their math education as we homeschool. I’ve been working on a bit of a review for my kids and have been using the SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator to dynamically create practice worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tasks.

One of the practice sheets I created was for long division work, but also using answers to problems with remainder values specified. This is obviously a much easier method of division in that the kids didn’t have to work through the entire problem out to a certain number of decimal places. Instead, you just specify how many times the divisor will go into the dividend evenly, then specify the remainder left over.

The challenge was that I didn’t create an answer key when I created these worksheets and I didn’t want to have work through all the problems myself to get the correct answer. I came across the CalculatorSoup.com website with a quick Google search. It allows me to specify the divisor and the dividend for each problem. It then tells me the answer, including the remainder value. It also provides step-by-step solution for that problem so I can check and verify where my kids may have been having problems in their own work.

Calculator Soup website

In the screenshot above I’ve highlighted the area where you enter the values of the problems you’re checking, and displays each line of the answer as you work towards the solution. The other highlighted area illustrates the instructions for the mathematical concept as it’s shared on the website.

I encourage you to add CalculatorSoup.com to your list of resources for your own math needs and efforts for your family.

Working on Some Math Tonight

Singapore Math TimeI came home and spent some time with the kids and their math today after work. We’re giving Singapore Math a try this year and so far both kids seem to like it okay. Last year we used A+ Tutorsoft Interactive Math and I liked the fact that it combined computer based instruction with offline worksheets and exams. The kids wanted something different this year though and we’d heard great things about the Singapore Math program.

If you’re a dad, what activities are you actively participating in with your kids as it relates to homeschool? You are helping right? It’s not just your wife’s responsibility. Get involved. Get involved because you should be and you need to be and your wife sure could use your help and a break on a regular basis.

Help Your Kids with Equivalent Fractions with This Game

Thanks to Liesel over at the Homeschool Den for sharing a link to a game on the PBS Kids website that teaches how to quickly identify and match equivalent fractions both by shapes and the fractions written out.

PBS Kids Equivalent Fractions game

As you can see from the screenshot above is that you click on a written out fraction and match it with a graphical and spatial representation of the same fraction.

Melvin’s Make a Match Equivalent Fractions Game