January 25, 2020

Do We Need to Change the Rules?

Teens on Bench

We’re actually more than halfway through this “homeschooling” journey we’ve been in with our family the last 8+ years. Our son has graduated high school and has grown into an amazing young adult. He’s going the non-traditional route and has decided to jump right into the real world of business and marketing to learn the ropes instead of going the college route to learn potentially the same thing (that’s another blog post) and get into serious amounts of debt to get started in the real world in 4 more years.

So, he’s still living at home as a young almost 19 year old and there are some obvious growing pains and challenges with transitioning into this new entry stage of adulthood and still living at home with your parents.

He’s a great kid but he’s stretching his wings in areas and we’re learning to do our best to try and trust him more that perhaps we’re comfortable and trust ourselves in the ways we’ve raised him and what we believe we’ve instilled in him. I watched the video below and it was an encouragement to me because I believe I would have a similar conversation with my son.

What do you think? Are you raising kids under “control” or are you raising kids into an autonomous life in more agreement with you than you may realize and less resistance than you may have expected?

As is frequently felt in my own skin, society continues to push and pressure this concept of no rules, absolute freedom. Do anything you want. Make yourself happy. Who cares if it upsets or bothers anyone else. But that’s not the way it should be should it? I’d love to hear your comments below and have a conversation about these issues.

The Department of Education – Do We Need It?

Government EducationI just finished reading an interesting article in the latest edition of Imprimis from Hillsdale College. The article, “Do We Need the Department of Education”, Charles Murray discussed exactly that question.

At this point in my life I think one of the roles that government should play is in the establishment of standards for what it means to be educated. Sadly, I think there’s far too much conversation related to the “how do we educate” instead of what it means to be “educated”. I believe the Department of Education should fulfill this role, but their current structure and thinking should be completely gutted to accomplish that task.

I didn’t realize before reading this article that the Department of Education didn’t even exist in its current form until 1980. But, that’s not to say the government hasn’t been involved in education up to that point. The first full scale involvement came from The National Defense Education Act of 1958 which was established after the Russians beat us to space with Sputnik. It was determined that we didn’t have enough interest in math and science in our classrooms and something should be done. Perhaps a very valid point, but could have been achieved by other means?

What do you think? Do you agree with me that there should be some government managed standards of what it means to be educated, but that the execution of fulfilling that task can be left open for individuals to decide for themselves? Whether that be provided by public schools, charter schools, private schools or home schools?

This could lead into a debate on the value of standardized tests, but I believe that there is importance in establishing baselines so that transitions between the different forms of schools mentioned above can be effectively managed. I’m interested in hearing what everyone else thinks.