My wife and I are in our fourth year of homeschooling our two kids and this year we’ve invested quite a bit more time in getting involved with our local home school organization at the state level. In Indiana, that organization is the Indiana Association of Home Educators. I initially got involved in my usual way, via social media comments and activity, and my wife started participating and regularly visiting the organizations Facebook page and got to know some individuals. We’ve had some close friends we’ve known since getting started in homeschooling that have been regional reps for organization as well.

Earlier this year my wife and I were invited to picnic for the organization where we got to meet many of the other regional reps and their families as well. Putting more names with faces and expanding the views of what we normally only see through a Facebook avatar was a nice benefit. There are truly some great families in Indiana that have not only the best desires for their own family’s education, but to also help promote and drive the effort to make sure other Indiana families have that same freedom and opportunity to pursue homeschooling if they desire as well.

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That event led to more involvement by my wife and I in different groups and then I offered to take a big step and help them out with updating their website ( and helping them get their arms around all of their social media properties and presence online. Earlier this month we launched the new website and aside from some of the normal hiccups and hurdles along the way, I believe the overall response from everyone has been very positive.

I can tell you from my own experience and seeing the work being done by the board and reps of the IAHE, there’s no better way to support homeschooling in your state than to get behind and informed by your local state organization. Obviously, if you’re a resident of Indiana I highly recommend connecting with IAHE. And, if you’re location in the southern half of Marion County or Johnson County and have questions about homeschooling, just contact my wife and I. We’re officially the new Region 6 Reps for the organization and we’d love to hear from you.