Travel Opens Your Eyes International travel can make a profound impact on those who yearn to see more and do more. But did you know international travel can actually promote happiness in the rest of your life? If you haven’t traveled internationally yet, here are some good reasons you should take the plunge and explore new cultures.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

International travel will expand your comfort zone. While this might not sound like fun for some people, travel continually asks you to reevaluate your priorities. You will learn a lot about yourself when you travel. Backpack across Europe or drive the Australian coast. These experiences can show you more than you ever imagined and break you out of your zone. Additionally, some bags are easy to carry and they can make your travels more convenient and stress-free. While in New Zealand you might go bungee jumping (after all, the Kiwis invented it), something you thought you’d never do. Traveling internationally can help you realize your true potential and self.


Disconnect from your everyday life. Re-energize your ambitions. Rekindle a spark for your professional life or romantic relationship. Distance gives perspective in all things. Sometimes this means metaphorical distance, but in this case, you might actually want to visit China, take one huge step back. This can help you look at any stressful situations back home objectively. Hike the Great Wall of China, visit Guilin for the best Karst landscapes and meet new and exciting people. Arrive home and tackle your life head on and recharged.

Surprise Yourself

While bungee jumping in New Zealand was an adrenaline rush, driving in a foreign country, like Great Britain, is much more dangerous. If you want mobility in your travels, then a car is your best bet. Make sure you know the rules of the road — particularly which side of the road to drive on so you’re international adventure isn’t bogged down by costly traffic citations. When you navigate these bureaucratic agencies and finally set off on the road in England or Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, it’s proof you can handle yourself in a foreign country. This confidence will carry over to your life back home once you return.


New cultures will constantly surprise you. It probably won’t always be comfortable. Whether you find yourself at a horse barbecue in South Korea, served grubs or large grasshoppers in Thailand, or watch a family of seven all climb onto a single motorcycle while you’re in Nepal, you’ll find yourself accepting things you would have taken issue with just weeks before. When you can accept the way things are, instead of stressing about how you wish things were, you’ll relax and simply go with the flow of life. You’ll become more open to suggestions and so easier going.

Have Fun Anywhere

While travel has many rewards, it comes with its own bevy of stresses. Missed trains or flights are just the beginning. A mix up in lodge reservations can leave you without a bed for a night. A broken down train can mean you’re stranded in the station overnight, and you’ll learn and relearn the navigation of every place you visit. While this can be stressful, you’ll learn you can enjoy anything. If you get lost when on the search for your hostel, you’ll see some parts of the city you wouldn’t have otherwise. A night spent in the train station might lead you to meet someone you’d never have enjoyed the company of if that train hadn’t been delayed. You’ll learn how you can enjoy every moment. Even the hard ones.